Most of the times, the best starting point and one of the most obvious things to do would be to start your search online. While it is a good starting point, and would work well in the more developed countries where the listings have more authenticity to them, this may not work in more developing countries, the primary reason for this is Lack of Authenticity of Listings, In countries like India, there is certainly a challenge when it comes to authenticity of the listings, and this is definitely a problem statement specially in case of furnished apartments in Gurgaon… there is no control over the content by the listing portals and all kinds of unauthenticated listings get posted and there is no MLS system in India. In fact, you may find a lot of generic listings of a specific community within the city of gurgaon but the information would be so variable that you wouldn’t know which one to trust and if any of the information is correct.

While there are many reasons for this, and this article is not intended to discuss those reasons but rather to inform the visitor of this website that there is a authenticity problem with the listings. Lack of original photographs and repetitive images and images taken from the internet without real pictures of the property also add to this.

Recognizing this problem statement, we decided to show only authentic listings with actual real pictures of the properties that we represent, thus offering not only more detailed information about the properties for the visitor looking for a Furnished Apartment for Rent in Gurgaon, but also offering prices and other details which are authenticated. The whole idea is to save time, effort and resources for all involved.

Imagine if you were looking to rent a furnished apartment in Gurgaon and went through one of the listings online, liked it and put it in your shortlist, decide to visit it and get completely surprised with what you see in reality verses what you saw in the virtual space. Not only you wasted time on finding that listing online, but you spent time and effort to connect with the agent and visiting the property. Only to get back to the point where you started originally and do the entire excercise all over again.

One of the better ways would be to start online and try to find a website that are focused on specifically furnished apartments in Gurgaon and then analyze if they offers authentic listings, some of the websites that we like are or

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